“To engage customers whenever and wherever they interact with a company-in store; on the phone; responding to an email, A blog post, an online review-marketing must pervade the entire organization.“

In “High Passion” categories that have viral tribes – e.g., technology, consumer electronics, design and fashion, companies need to keep themselves alert, relevant and nimble. The higher the emotional connection to the product- the higher the need for customer engagement.

In today’s marketing environment, companies will be better off if they stop viewing customer engagement as a series of discrete interactions and instead think about it as customers do: a set of related interactions that, added together, make up the customer experience. That perspective should stimulate fresh dialogue among members of the senior team about who should design the overall system of touch points to create compelling customer engagement, and who then builds, operates, and renews each touch point consistent with that overall vision.

Marketing’s cutting edge is being redefined every day. While there’s no definitive map showing how companies can successfully navigate the era of engagement, we hope to help senior executives—not just marketers—start to draw one.