About Us

Made up of strategists, entrepreneurs, and business people. We've been in your shoes, across multiple industries.

Dobie Associates is a premier Southern California business strategy consulting firm. Our associates are more than trained consultants, they are entrepreneurs and experienced business professionals with the single-minded purpose of helping clients compete and grow their businesses.

Our Approach to Strategy Development

  • Collaborate. We team with your key stakeholders, as well as subject matter experts inside and outside your organization to assure alignment and mutual success.
  • Catalytic. We serve as a conduit, sounding board and catalyst for new ideas and change within our client’s organizations.
  • Concentrate. Let’s focus on the core drivers of your business, not the symptoms. Avoid chasing shiny objects.
  • Continuous. We’ll provide knowledge transfer throughout the engagement, enhancing your team’s skills when necessary to ensure the strategy initiatives and programs fit your capabilities; our recommendations must be measurable, and able to be implemented.
  • Client Centric. Bring energy and enthusiasm to your workplace. Create an open, non-political, professional work environment.


Questions to ask yourself before you hire a management consultant.

A large part of our business is repeat customers, whether the firm or leaders within them that move on in their careers. They asked themselves these questions first.

How can a management consulting firm help me if they can’t grow their own business and consulting services?        

Doug Dobie expanded Dobie Associates, Inc., from 1 to 12 business management and marketing consultants which generated nearly 50% annual revenue growth from 2005 through 2016.

This is just a numbers game to these guys – consultants come in, tell us what we already know, create a binder of stuff, and leave all the time. What makes you different?

Dobie Associates’ average client tenure is more than two years and renewal rate after first engagement is 90%. We go above and beyond to be an integral part of our clients’ corporate business from start to finish, from strategic planning, organizational development and strategy execution.

Management and marketing consultants are guys who can’t do much and haven’t accomplished much.

Doug Dobie was recognized as 2007, Advertising Age Marketer of Year for his work with MTVN and Amp’d Mobile. He has garnered trusted working relationships with the CEOs, Presidents and CMOs from top companies in the wireless, content, entertainment, software and manufacturing sectors.

These guys provide management consulting services to the big companies, I’m a little guy – I need to get ROI on my consulting investment.

Dobie Associates makes its greatest impact in companies under $25 million in annual revenue; two recent clients have seen 30% top line growth – in the worst economy since the depression – based on consulting services from Dobie Associates.

Once these guys leave, I’m stuck trying to implement an organizational strategy that is neither realistic or actionable.

The Dobie Team takes strategy execution seriously from day one. We provide strategic planning and develop a “knowledge transfer” matrix and work with clients to add key skills and capabilities during the whole engagement. The Dobie team will help identify talent, on-board new employees and see the organizational implementation through, using both Dobie resources and yours to meet timelines and deliverable schedules. We’re there to the end. Remember, clients come back 90% of the time, and it’s not because we didn’t finish the first time.



Partial List of Dobie Associates Clients:


Toyota Material Handling, Irvine, CA

Business Services

International Accreditation Service, Whittier, CA
International Code Council, Whittier, CA
Dodge Data & Analytics, Hightstown, NJ


Fluidmaster, Inc., San Juan Capistrano, CA
Motorsport Aftermarket Group, Irvine, CA
Norriseal ( A Dover Company), Houston, TX
Highmark, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA
Sonance, Inc., San Clemente, CA
OK International, Garden Grove, CA


FLO TV, A Qualcomm Division, San Diego, CA
Mandalay Digital Group, Los Angeles, CA
Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL


Best Buy, Minneapolis, MN
Business Machines Company, Lansing, MI
Osprey Retail Systems, New Bedford, MA


HireRight, Inc., Irvine, CA
Intuit-Mint, Mountain View, CA
Sage Software, Irvine, CA
Instructure, Salt Lake City, UT
Salesforce.com, San Francisco, CA
Progress Software, Bedford, MA
Visual.ly, San Francisco, CA


Amp’d Mobile, Los Angeles, CA
Clearwire, Inc., Seattle, WA
Motorola, Inc., Libertyville, IL
PCN, Sacramento, CA
Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA
Verizon Wireless, Bedminster, NJ