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Our Office

Dobie Associates, Inc.
200 Pine Avenue, Suite 522
Long Beach, CA 90802
T: 562-624-2493

Dobie Associates

Our Team

Doug Dobie

Douglas Dobie

Owner, Partner
Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Channels, Capabilities, Culture

Todd Manzer

Principal Consultant
Strategy Analytics, Segmentation, Financial Modeling, Reporting, Process Expertise

Kevin Dunning

Project Consultant
Product Management, Product Marketing, Application Development

Kelsey Galarza

Principal Consultant
Go-to-Market, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, Digital Marketing, Product Marketing

Jennifer McNally

Principal Consultant
Strategy, Product Marketing, Brand Development and Transition, Customer Experience

Michael Moore

CFO in Residence
Financial Planning and Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions

Scott Schauer

Project Consultant
Analytics, Voice of the Customer, Product Development

Ryan Dobie

Project Intern

Jake Dobie

Project Intern