B2B Growth Strategy in Automotive - Toyota

Situation Overview

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A, an industry leader in lift truck (forklift) design and manufacturing, sought to create a three year business plan to achieve four objectives: (1) aggressive top line revenue and market share growth; (2) customer satisfaction improvements (3) increased channel productivity and satisfaction and (4) enhanced Toyota brand image measures.

To do this, the Toyota team selected Dobie Associates, Inc., to work closely with both their U.S. and Japanese management teams, to provide a planning framework, process, rigorous analytics and highly collaborative working sessions. Seasoned Toyota executives were skeptical of consultants and big consulting firms.


Toyota asked the Dobie team to help them create a three year business plan. The client required a tailored approach: Create a process incorporating TPS methodology coupled with streamlined principles from the Balanced Scorecard (Robert Kaplan, David Norton, 1996).
Toyota’s inclusive culture and flat organizational design resulted in broad participation in the process. Voice of the customer, the distributor, dealer as well as more than 40 Toyota associates, both American and Japanese, we re included as core team members or subject matter experts in developing the plan.

Toyota Engagements


3 Year CAGR

Return on Dobie Investment

Total Manufacturing Engagements

Solution / Results

The Toyota team embraced the process and its three year business plan enthusiastically. The Dobie team’s analytical rigor, creative product and distribution frameworks, and clearly defined and actionable 3YBP initiatives, guided the team to annual 8% CAGR, North America’s number 1 brand, and increases in both customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.
Brett Wood, President and CEO, Toyota Material Handling North America, said “Doug Dobie ‘s work on our 3YBP was a great achievement and was essential in enabling our incredible success.”