SMB Growth Strategy in Telecom - Verizon

Situation Overview

Challenge: Verizon Wireless has built a strong consumer and enterprise subscription business but was losing ground with small-medium business going to rival Nextel.
Consultant Objective: Formulate a SMB strategy and execution plan that would enable VZW to compete head to head and take market share back from Nextel. Point of emphasis, identify and evaluate vertical –based mobile workflow applications for specific segments who need more than just “walkie-talkie“ push to talk functionality.
Deliverables: SMB Segmentation, Value Proposition/Pricing Development, B2B Workflow application partner identification, selection
and development, BAE Channel Alignment.


Build a coalition of input and support by working with Verizon Wireless marketing, sales, business development, product management and technology teams in Irvine, Ca., Atlanta, Ga., Bedminster, N.J., and Laurel, Maryland. Dobie identified objectives and challenges, aligned roles, process and timelines, and scheduled coast to coast round-robin working sessions to defined the VZW partner strategy and priorities. Working closely with business development, Dobie and the VZW team narrowed the first phase to 4 verticals and 4 first choice partners.

Verizon Engagements


3 Year CAGR

Return on Dobie Investment

Total Telecom Engagements

Solution / Results

The Dobie Team worked closely with VZW B2B and Product Application Development to formulate a strategy and go-to-market plan that could be marketed through the existing VZW B2B distribution channels. Further, VZW needed to provide a distinctive value proposition to rival Nextel – with a clear ROI advantage, packaged in a simple, easy to use demo and download.

VZW launched its first of four targeted B2B applications into the trucking and transportation vertical. From there, Field Force Automation and 4 others, including partnerships with soon followed over the next 18 months. Incremental revenue from the Dobie Project exceeded $60 million in three years and gained back some meaningful share for VZW in the SMB segment from Nextel – just prior to Nextel being sold to Sprint.